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Imperial Hub presents the London International Development Conference on the 7th February 2015, London’s biggest student conference discussing development, aid and poverty related issues.

This year’s theme is:

International Development in a Changing World:

How do the Sustainable Development Goals relate to current global challenges?

Following the 2012, Rio20+ Earth summit, it was agreed that 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) after 2015. It’s now clear that the role of science and engineering will be crucial in efforts to meet these new targets. On the 7th of February, over 10 talks, seminars and workshops, the London IDC will explore the how the SDGs were formed, and highlight changes to our most important international strategies for addressing economic poverty, feeding a growing population and adapting to climate change. Above all the conference will question how we can all make positive contributions to the sustainable development of societies both in the UK and overseas, through research, effective charitable giving and volunteering.

Acclaimed speakers such as Maurice Wren – CEO of the Refugee Council, Rob Mather – CEO of Against Malaria Foundation and Stephen Wordsworth – CEO of the Council for At-Risk Academics, will  share perspectives on the new roadmap for addressing; the Middle Eastern refugee crisis, the Ebola epidemic and malaria, agricultural sustainability and educational inequality.


Tickets include lunch, refreshments through the day, and an ‘Opportunities in Development’ fair, featuring stalls and spot talks from student societies, leading charities and advocacy groups.

With 2015 being such an important year for change, if you want to find out more about the latest thinking on International Development, or find opportunities to lead a fascinating project or career in the non-profit sector, London IDC 15 is not to be missed!

Website: www.imperialidc.org

Questions/ running a stall: idc@imperialhub.org