The clinical and evidence based course continues to be updated to include recent cutting edge advances in the field of Head and Neck Cancer. The course focuses on surgery for both standard and extended laryngectomy procedures and the associated rehabilitation challenges.  Particular emphasis will be placed on how to perform and interpret videofluoroscopy evaluation including delegate participation workshops.

Additional topics covered will include:

  • Alterations to anatomy and physiology post laryngectomy and their impact on breathing, swallow and voice
  • What extensive surgical flap reconstruction involves and how this impacts functional rehabilitation
  • Effects of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and IMRT on the laryngectomy patient
  • Assessment, diagnosis and management of vibratory segment tonicity including performing and interpreting an air insufflation test
  • Management of pharyngoesophageal spasm with Botulinum toxin
  • Selection, placement and ongoing management of voice prostheses
  • Future developments for the management of laryngeal cancer
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