Perovskite PV

The CPE will be hosting a special half-day Symposium on 26 March on Perovskites.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Password: 214403

We have set up a Slack workspace to discuss preparations, and will also use this Slack during the seminar to ask questions to the speaker, offer technical help, and generally coordinate. Our hope would be that in these uncertain times, we can also use this Perovskite @ Imperial workspace to coordinate and discuss research while ‘working from home’.

Anyone with a email address should be able to sign up here:

We will also be running an online poster session, via twitter.

Please upload your posters as images on the day, including in your tweet @CPE_Imperial and text ‘#IMPSS’ as a hash tag to coordinate.

There will be a poster prize (which may have to be delivered by post!).

Our provisional timetable for the physical seminar is below. Hopefully many of these speakers will be able to offer these talks online, but of course things are extremely changeable depending on people’s personal circumstances, working conditions, and expected preparation time over the next week, so please bear with us.

Time slot

Researcher name


Title of talk


Ed Crossland

Oxford PV

Oxford PV: materials and devices


Phil Calado


Is it possible for a perovskite p-n homojunction to persist in the presence of mobile ionic charge?


Rafal Rakowski

van Thor

High power irradiance dependence of charge species dynamics in hybrid perovskites and kinetic evidence for transient vibrational Stark effect of formamidinium



Zhenzhu Li

Visitor from Suzhou Key Laboratory, China

Machine learning in materials design–a focus on double halide perovskites


Andrew Warwick


A first principles study of polar domain walls in halide perovskites


Nathaniel Gallop


Photocurrent VIPER spectroscopy in Organohalide Perovskites


Jacob Wilson


Ferroelectricity in hybrid halide pervoskites: fact or friction?


Poster flash presentation