Dr Vicky Salem

Please join us for the latest instalment of the ImperialSAID seminar series, which will explore why women leave their careers in clinical academia and the evidence for cultural change.


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In this seminar, Dr Victoria Salem will talk about two recent studies that she has led. By interviewing women who have left their careers in clinical academia, and grounding the analysis in social and feminist theories, she will discuss the themes associated with the so-called ‘leaky pipeline’ and set this against her own experiences of the system. She will also talk about some remarkable results of an intervention at a national medical conference to improve female visibility.

About the speaker

Dr Victoria Salem is a Consultant in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Acute Medicine and the holder of a Diabetes UK Harry Keen Clinician Scientist Fellowship. She had three babies during her PhD studies and tried to juggle motherhood, the completion of specialist clinical training, teaching responsibilities and remaining scientifically competitive enough to achieve independent research funding.  She’s still not sure if she did any of this very well…

Vicky now supervises many of her own PhD students. She has devoted her research career to investigating the physiology of appetite and glucose homeostasis, with the aim of identifying new targets for the treatment of metabolic disease. She is also the Athena SWAN lead for the Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction and has worked for many years at Imperial and beyond to promote female retention in academia. 

About ImperialSAID

To drive sustained cultural change, individuals from all demographics need to be aware of biases in society and what they can contribute to effect real progress. ImperialSAID (Scientists Advocating for Inclusivity and Diversity) strives to facilitate an understanding of EDI literature, provide a platform for minority researchers as role models and to unite staff and students in support of EDI.

The first ImperialSAID seminar series will run throughout the Spring Term of 2020. Created for and delivered by the Imperial College London community, ImperialSAID will be the largest collaborative seminar series to focus on raising awareness of biases in STEM and to redefine workplace culture within the university.

Every fortnight, a one hour talk and networking session will take place at the Hammersmith Campus in February, March and April 2020. Each seminar will be delivered by a speaker from Imperial who identifies with the following minority groups: Women in STEM, BAME in STEM, LGBTQ+, Disability in STEM. The seminars will also represent early career researchers. Speakers will emphasise the evidence base for equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) initiatives, drawing on primary research conducted in EDI initiatives, the speaker’s personal career journey and practical advice on advocating on behalf of others. This event will be open to all students, staff and alumni, of all genders and career stages, across all Faculties and Campuses at Imperial.

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