Evert Geurtsen

This Quantum Computing seminar is part of a series which will take place over a period of two years. You will be introduced to the innovative work taking place in the UK and abroad in quantum technology and the challenges which are relevant for the mathematical community. 

A subset of seminars will focus on quantum computing: opportunities, challenges and the latest research. Our guest for this event is Co-Director for User Engagement of the Quantum Computing and Simulation Hub, Evert Geurtsen. The QCS Hub is a consortium of 17 universities and 28 companies led by the University of Oxford and is part of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.
Evert will talk about the status and outlook for practical quantum computing and its applications. The UK is at the forefront of this technology and through its National Quantum Technologies Programme that involves a network of universities and companies, tries to build an economic advantage in the midst of global (and sometimes hyped) developments in this field. Evert will also explain how researchers can engage with the technology and the UK programme, including some dedicated funding opportunities.

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