As part of our Bioeng COVID-19 Virtual Seminars series, join us for a research talk by Dr Firat Guder on a disposable silicon-based transducer called TriSilix which could assist in the speedy diagnosis of Coronavirus.

Rapid screening and low-cost diagnosis play a crucial role in choosing the correct course of intervention e.g., drug therapy, quarantine, no action etc. when dealing with highly infectious pathogens. This is especially important if the disease-causing agent has no effective treatment, such as the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (the pathogen causing COVID-19), and shows no or similar symptoms to other common infections. In this talk, we will go over our recent work on disposable silicon-based integrated Point-of-Need (PoN) transducer (TriSilix) that can chemically-amplify and detect pathogen-specific sequences of nucleic acids (NA) quantitatively in real-time. Unlike other silicon-based technologies, TriSilix can be produced at wafer-scale in a standard laboratory; we have developed a series of methodologies based on metal-assisted chemical (wet) etching, electroplating, thermal bonding and laser-cutting to enable a cleanroom-free low-cost fabrication that does not require processing in an advanced semiconductor foundry. TriSilix is, therefore, resilient to disruptions in the global supply chain as the devices can be produced anywhere in the world.

Dr Firat Guder, Department of BioengineeringDr Firat Güder
is a senior lecturer in the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London. Firat and his team work in the interface of material science, signal processing, electronics, chemistry and biology, focusing on the development of new materials and low-cost transducers to interface the physical, chemical and biological world around us with machines. Firat is passionate about solving problems in healthcare, agriculture and food systems. For more information on the Güder Research Group please visit

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