Imperial's candidate COVID-19 vaccine

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This seminar is part of the Wright-Fleming Institute Infection and Immunity Seminar Series and is open to all members of Imperial College London.

Human trials of an innovative candidate COVID-19 vaccine are beginning at Imperial. The study is the first time the vaccine has been trialled in humans and will test whether it is well-tolerated and produces an effective immune response against COVID-19. The Imperial vaccine is based on a new self-amplifying RNA technology (saRNA), developed by Professor Robin Shattock, which differs from traditional approaches that use a weakened or modified form of a virus. Instead, it uses a small part of the coronavirus’ genetic code (RNA). When injected into muscle, this prompts cells to rapidly produce copies of the spike protein found on the outside of the virus. This trains the immune system to respond to the virus so the body can easily recognise it as a threat in future.

In this online seminar, Professor Shattock will provide an update on the current progress of Imperial’s COVID-19 vaccine study.

More information can be found on the Imperial COVID-19 Vaccine Study website.

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