Through lockdown many have claimed the public might be experiencing a renewed connection with nature and the environment. At the same time people’s efforts to flatten the COVID infection curve inadvertently saw the widescale adoption of many greener more sustainable approaches to daily life – whether by working from home or shopping locally.  Any associated environmental benefits, such as reduced carbon emission and reduced air pollution, are likely to be short term as normal life slowly returns. However perhaps lessons can be learnt in the battles against the other global crises of our age – climate change and man-made destruction of the natural world? 

In this Imperial Lates Online discussion we bring together a climate researcher, a behavioural scientist and an environmental campaigner to ask if the public’s reaction to COVID-19 has given them hope. Or do second spikes, and condemnation of mass public gatherings as restrictions were eased show awareness and public goodwill alone can only get you so far? Our panel will feature: 

  • Joeri Rogelj, Lecturer in Climate Change and the Environment, Imperial 

  • Morena Mills, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Social Science, Imperial 

  • Judy Ling Wong, Director of the Black Environment Network 

Imperial Lates Online

This event is part of Imperial Lates Online: Back to Nature. Tune in to explore cutting-edge science and engineering in our week-long digital celebration of science from 27 July to 2 August.

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