Transport systems are the arteries of our cities and a valuable sense of connection for those living in more remote areas. But are these vital public services always designed with their users’ needs, behaviours and wellbeing in mind? Are certain parts of our society left feeling unconnected, disengaged or even unsafe by our train stations, bus services, roads, walkways and bike lanes?

Artist Remi Rough and transport economist Dr Laila Ait Bihi Ouali are collaborating on a unique project that will creating digital fantasy reimaginings of iconic places on and around Exhibition Road. Each creation will be inspired by different aspects of Imperial research with links to mental wellbeing and mental health. 

For Imperial Lates Online: Staying Connected, Laila and Remi join us in conversation discussing the role of transport systems in today’s increasing digital society. Together they will look at how issues around negative experiences and unsustainable behaviour around transport can be addressed from an engineering, design and artistic perspective.  

Speaker bios: 

Remi Rough is a street and gallery artist from South London, England. His art began on walls and trains in South London in 1984, moving to gallery art later on. His compositions are abstract with coloured shapes and straight edges. His work has been exhibited in London, Los Angeles, Paris, Perth, and Tokyo. Recent work includes a commission to create station murals for the Hong Kong Metro system. 

Dr Laila Ait Bihi Ouali is a Research Associate at the Transport Strategy Centre in Imperial College London. Her research aims to improve the operation, planning, and design of transport systems from the perspectives of the economics, public demand and user satisfaction. 

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