Dr Servann Herou and Dr Evgeny Senokos

MSE Lunchtime Seminar Series

Molecular Engineering for Next Generation BatteriesThe challenge that will be discussed in this session is:

Sustainable and Structural SupercapacitorsJoin us for this informal webinar with Dr Servann Herou and Dr Evgeny Senokos. There will be an opportunity for question and answer after the presentation. To join this webinar you must register in advance and you will be emailed the joining instructions for the webinar.


Dr Servann Herou

Department of Chemical Engineering, Post Doctoral Research Associate

Dr Servann Herou currently works at Imperial College London in the group of Professor Magdalena Titirici. Servann is specialised in carbon materials for energy storage with focus on lignin-based electrospun carbon nanofibres as well as activated and soft templated lignin-based carbons.

Dr Evgeny Senokos

Department of Chemistry ,Research Associate Materials Chemistry for Structural Power

Dr Senokos’ interests are related to the development of multifunctional structural energy storage systems in which every constituent component plays dual function, contributing to mechanical robustness and electrochemical performance. In particular, he is focused on development of new generation structural electrodes based on CFs modified with nanocarbons and pseudocapacitive materials (such as conducting polymers and transition metal oxides) providing high strength and capacitance.

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