Professor Tiina Roose will deliver the Earth Science and Engineering Departmental Seminar on 5 November 2020, on image based modelling in biology.

To join the seminar online, click Livestream on at 12pm on Thursday.

Xray CT image of live wheat root hairsProf Tiina Roose will describe a state of the art image based modelling in several seemingly different areas of biology. Prof Roose shows examples from biomedical (lymphatic, vascular and lung system) and agricultural problems of plant soil interaction. She will describe the workflow from imaging (X-ray CT, XRF, SEM-EDX, histology), image reconstruction, image segmentation, computation and how to utilize this work stream to synthesise new scientific knowledge. In particular Prof Roose will also outline several challenges and bottle necks in this process to hopefully encourage more mathematicians to get involved in the full pipeline.



About Prof Tiina Roose

Tiina Roose completed her undergraduate degree in control systems engineering at the Tallinn Technical University. Following this, after a short stint as an investment banker, she did an MSc and a DPhil in applied mathematics at the University of Oxford. Her specialty whilst a graduate student was to develop multiscale mathematical modeling techniques to answer scientific questions about how biological branching structures, such as plant roots, interact with their environment, i.e. soil. Following the completion of her DPhil in 2000, she moved to the Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital as a postdoctoral Fellow to work on mathematical modeling of lymphatic function during cancer development. Upon her return to Oxford in 2003 she was awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship to work on modeling of plant roots, lymphatics, blood vessels and lung physiology. She held her URF first in Oxford and upon the birth of her son Max in 2006 she moved to join her husband at the University of Southampton in 2009. In 2013 she was promoted to a Professor and after the completion of her Royal Society URF the same year she was awarded an ERC Consolidator grant title “Data Intensive Modelling of Rhizosphere Processes”. This multimillion pound project/Fellowship started in 2015 and is due to finish in 2021. At Southampton Tiina runs the Faculty of Engineering and Environment New Frontiers Fellowship mentoring program and also serves on the EPSRC General Engineering Early Career Advisory panel.



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