WE Innotvate: Imperial women, accelerate your entrepreneurial and leadership skills

Join us for a series of inspirational talks from women entrepreneurs about their personal journeys and leadership.

WE Inspire is a free online conference supporting leadership and entrepreneurship. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network, hear the personal journeys of women-owned businesses and leaders. This event celebrates the WE Innovate programme, Imperial’s flagship women entrepreneurship education programme. Applicants for the WE Innovate programme are strongly encouraged to register to attend WE Inspire. It’s a good opportunity to meet potential team members to grow your idea with! As part of the conference, we will host a live networking session with a series of ice-breaker activities and a chance to connect with fellow women-led founders. If you identify as a women and an Imperial student who is interested to join the conference but not the full WE Innovate programme, this is possible. We’d be delighted if you joined us for the day to grow your skills and network! We would like to extend a special thanks to BP for the sponsorship of the 2020/21 programme and WE Inspire Conference.

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