Portraits of Drs Parry Hashemi and Yap Choon Hwai


Portrait of Dr Parry Hashemi. Parry stands outside smiling, wearing an orange shirt.DR PARRY HASHEMI 

Talk title: Micro-engineered Analytical Platforms to Probe the Fundamental Chemistry of Mental Illness
Talk abstract: Click here to view and download Parry’s seminar abstract
Biography: Parry received her MSci degree in Chemistry from King’s College, London. She performed her PhD with Martyn Boutelle in the Department of Bioengineering in Imperial College, London where she developed online biosensing technology to measure brain metabolites from human traumatic brain injury patients. After her PhD, she skipped over the pond to Chapel Hill where she worked with Mark Wightman. Here she learned fast-scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) at carbon-fibre microelectrodes (CFMs) and developed the first method to measure serotonin in vivo using FSCV. She currently has labs at USC and Imperial. Parry and her team tackle some of the world’s most pertinent issues with analytical engineering and have a long list of accolades attesting to their success.

Dr Hashemi’s TED Talk

Portrait of Dr Yap Choon HwaiDR YAP CHOON HWAI 

Talk title: Biomechanics of the Fetal and Embryonic Heart
Talk abstract: Click here to view and download Yap’s seminar abstract
Biography: Dr Yap Choon Hwai graduated with PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology and worked as a postdoctoral scholar in University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the National University of Singapore, before joining Imperial College as a Senior Lecturer. His research focus is on the mechanics of the prenatal cardiovascular system, with the focus of understanding how blood flow and myocardial biomechanical forces affect heart development and contribute to congenital malformations, and how foetal heart intervention can rescue the biomechanical environment to avoid malformations. His group has made pioneering contributions in this area. Another part of his research is to use novel materials strategies to modulate thrombosis in cardiovascular medical devices.

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