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Psychologists and psychiatrists come together to help us build a survival kit for winter wellbeing.  

As the nights draw in and social distancing looks set to stay, you could be forgiven for dreading the winter months ahead, but now armed with a better understanding of life in lockdown we’re asking the experts for their winter wellness tips.

From thinking like a Norwegian and wrapping up to embrace the outdoors, to swaddling in blankets and working through a reading list, our expert panel will be answering your questions on how we can prioritise wellbeing over the coming months.


  • Martina Di Simplicio, Clinical Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry, Imperial College London
  • Kari Lebowitz, Health Psychologist, and PhD student at Stanford University
  • Yizhou Yu, co-founder of International Sleep Charity, PhD student at Cambridge University
  • Hayley Dunning, Research Media Manager (Natural Sciences), Imperial College London

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