The Love Makers book cover

Dr Aifric Campbell and PhD student Anita Chandran will jointly deliver the CLCC REsearch Seminar on 11 March 2021. Their topic is storytelling, identity and inclusion in the age of artificial intelligence. More details to follow.

Aifric’s forthcoming The Love Makers (2021) asks how artificial intelligence and robotics are transforming the future of love and desire and combines her novel with essays from leading scientists and commentators to examine what’s at stake in our human–machine relationships. From robot nannies to generative art and our ancient dreams of intelligent machines, The Love Makers blends storytelling with science communication to investigate the challenges and opportunities of emergent technologies and how we want to live. 

Anita is an alumna of the Advanced Creative Writing course at Imperial and combines her doctoral studies in Physics with a creative practice that focuses on forgotten women in the history of science, human machine relationships and research into racial bias in AI. She is co-founder of Tamarind, a new literary magazine focused on science and the arts.  

Aifric and Anita share an interest in literary representations of women at work in STEM and the role of storytelling in science communication. This joint presentation emerged from their collaboration on womens’ writing and science at the School of Advanced Studies, UCL. 

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