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About the event

Networking is critical for successful job hunting. But many of us find the process awkward, unclear or just too difficult. In this webinar Nicolas Constantinesco will explain a new method for tackling barriers to networking.

While most of us appreciate networking can lead to a new job, few realise how critical it has become. To start with, most vacancies (especially as we become more senior) are never advertised. They are filled by referrals in the “hidden” job market. Moreover, research shows that even the remaining advertised jobs are more likely to be filled by referral candidates than by those applying cold. Limiting yourself to answering open job postings is a recipe for failure.

Despite this, many candidates view the idea of reaching out to strangers uncomfortable, unethical or just odd. It does not have to be.

In this webinar Nicolas Constantinesco, formerly a McKinsey consultant responsible for hiring at the firm’s London office, explains a different networking approach that he has successfully used to train students and mid-career professionals alike.

We will discuss:

  • How to persuade yourself to network (and not feel bad doing so)
  • How to ask for calls and meetings and what success rate to expect
  • Who to contact and how to reach them
  • What to talk about in networking meetings
  • Mistakes people make (and how to avoid them)
  • Results you can expect (you may be surprised)

This webinar is based on workshops and research undertaken by Nicolas Constantinesco and draws on the outreach methodology created by Steve Dalton in The 2-Hour Job Search.

About the speaker

Nicolas Constantinesco is the co-founder of Promeo, a communications training firm, and is a visiting professor at Rotterdam School of Management. He was formerly a consultant with McKinsey & Company in London, where he had overall responsibility for MBA recruiting in McKinsey’s UK & Ireland practice.

Nicolas has personally conducted over 500 interviews and coached countless candidates through the recruitment process. He is also a former partner at KPMG and holds an MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business.

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