Event title text and date against the backdrop of plastics floating in the ocean

About the event

Without immediate and sustained action, we could see the annual flow of plastic into the ocean nearly triple by 2040.

Join us for the Ocean Plastics – Tackling the Global Challenge panel discussion to hear alumni experts and award-winning students innovating in the sector talk about the issue of pollution by plastics. We will discuss the solutions and innovations across the world.

The panellists will talk about their work in the sector and share their thoughts on steps to address different parts of the problem from their unique perspectives, discussing the multidimensional aspects of pollution by plastics, the value of cross-sector partnerships as well as the role of science, engineering and entrepreneurship in addressing the issue.

The panel discussion will be followed by a live Q&A chat. 

Our panellists:

  • Alexis Grosskopf (MSc Civil and Environmental Engineering 2010) – Co-founder, OceanHub Africa
  • Pauline Vaskou (Life Sciences 2014, MSc Centre for Environmental Policy 2015) – Ocean Partnerships Manager, Bloomberg Philanthropies
  • Zhixuan Wang (PhD Chemical Engineering) – Co-founder and Director, Algreen

The discussion will be chaired by Dr Arturo Castillo Castillo from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Centre for Environmental Policy. 

About the Chair

Dr Arturo Castillo Castillo is Research Fellow in Resource Efficiency at Imperial College London where he leads the Ocean Plastic Solutions Network aiming to stop pollution by plastic. His research focuses on enabling recovery and reuse of several materials and other pre-conditions for the circular economy. He has led numerous European projects on Industrial Symbiosis and has worked previously as energy policy consultant. He aims to improve interactions between engineering, policy making, entrepreneurship, natural and social science.

The event will be recorded and may be shared on some of Imperial’s public platforms and channels.

This event is open to alumni of Imperial College London, but staff and students are welcome to join.

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