DNA strand

Please join us on 23rd February from 11:00  for the BRC Genetics and Genomics seminar series hosted by Dr Inês Cebola.

We are excited to host our speaker Dr Abbas Dehghan, MD PhD FESC  a medical doctor and an epidemiologist., his talk is  

 “Mendelian randomisation: a key approach for causal inference in molecular epidemiology”

Please join us via the link below. Please make sure to mute yourself when entering. If we observe bandwidth issues, we may be asking attendees to turn off their cameras for the talks themselves. We would like to encourage attendees to unmute themselves when asking questions.

Zoom link:  https://zoom.us/j/94997851844?pwd=dW9ZNWowUC8wbUJLU3psRG90N29rUT09

Meeting ID: 949 9785 1844

Passcode: 05YjJ4