Abstract: A second quantum revolution is unfolding with far-reaching applications, including fundamentally new paradigms of computation, secure communication networks and sensitive sensors. 

Quantum technologies have advanced in recent years due to substantial developments in both hardware and algorithms following massive investments from both governments and private organisations.

This event will provide a brief introduction to relevant concepts of quantum technologies, expected near/mid-term impacts on industries such as pharmacology, financial services and cyber security, as well as the development of the fast-growing quantum industry.

Short bio: Dr Bruno Fedrici has a PhD in quantum information science with a university certificate in digital transformation. Dr Fedrici contributes to the public and business’ awareness of quantum technologies by providing a bridge between higher education, research and industry.

For two years now he has been introducing quantum computing basics and quantum-safe security solutions to executives and technical leaders as well as to computer science and engineering students. 

Bruno is a scientific adviser and lecturer in quantum technologies at INSA Lyon and he has also launched “Quantum for Everyone“, a new online course for non-technical business professionals. Currently Bruno is also a program manager at “Quantum Business Europe“, a new event focusing on end user applications of quantum technologies that will take place on March 16-17 in an online format.