Current and future women luminaries

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Exploring physics with our current and future luminaries

Please join us for the first in a special series of conversations to showcase our inspirational luminaries’ careers and to share lessons learned with the next generation of future stars. Imperial has amazing women who are leaders in their fields and provide inspiration to many inside and outside the College. When they talk about their research, teaching, and societal engagement, they inspire and motivate others.

Hosted by Professor Alice P. Gast, our first enlightening conversation will be with Professor Michele Dougherty, Professor of Space Physics and Head of the Department of Physics, and Efia Amankwa, a second year MSci Physics student. Professor Dougherty will speak about her breakthroughs, innovations and discoveries throughout her career, and Efia will share her dreams and aspirations as they discuss life experiences and the teachable moments that shape who we are and what we do.

Professor Michele Dougherty

Michele Dougherty is a space physicist who is leading unmanned exploratory missions to Saturn and Jupiter. Amongst other important findings, her work led to the discovery of an atmosphere containing water and hydrocarbons around Saturn’s moon Enceladus — opening up new possibilities in the search for life.

Michele was principal investigator for the magnetometer (MAG) instrument onboard the Cassini spacecraft on its mission to explore Saturn and its moons and is presently building a similar instrument for the JUICE mission which will be launched next year to go to Jupiter and its moons to search for potential habitability. Michele is also the Head of the Department of Physics.

Efia Amankwa

Efia is a 2nd year Physics MSci student at Imperial College London. During her A level’s Efia Studied Maths, Further Maths and Physics, from which her interest in Physics grew. She is an active member of the Christian union, Women in technology society, Blackettlabfam, Afro-Caribbean society and Data science society. Efia currently has spring insight weeks at JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs where she hopes to learn how the valuable skills learnt in her Physics degree will be applied within the financial sector.

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