Cup of coffee from a bird's eye view

Are you a FoNS academic interested in creating connections and sharing knowledge with like-minded academics and business leaders in academic entrepreneurship?

Join us for the FoNS Founders Forum (FFF), which aims to develop and grow a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and academics engaged in impact beyond academe.

How to join

Date: 17 March 2021
Time: 14:00-14:45 GMT (virtual event)
Event Link: Click here to join the live event
Questions?: Email Dr Mei Chong or Dr Luis Gomez Sarosi


14:00 Entrepreneurship journey from Professor Michael Damzen, Imperial College London

14:15 Entrepreneurship journey from Dr Richard Murray, ORCA Computing

14:30 Breakout sessions:
(1) Meet Professor Michael Damzen
(2) Meet Dr Richard Murray
(3) Meet the IPC team
(4) Meet the audience

Since we cannot presently serve you coffee in person, we would like to send you a coffee break pack to enjoy with us. If you are happy for us to send one, please email Ms Kasia Kmieckowiak to let us know your mailing address before Monday 8 March. We hope you will be able to join us for this event.

About FoNS Founders Forum

This informal grouping is open to all academic staff, particularly those who are either active or curious about, commercialisation/ increasing the non-academic impact of their work. The intention is to create a self-supporting community of academic entrepreneurs able to provide, guidance, advice, experience, contacts and support to each other.

Business leaders and Imperial academics will be invited to come together over a series of Founders Forum Coffee Wednesday, every 3rd Wednesday of the month during term time. You will have the opportunity to share knowledge in entrepreneurship, engage in networking and create connections.