“My laboratory aims to develop new biotherapeutics for cardiac protection and cardiac repair after myocardial infarction. We have pioneered the concept that cardiac regeneration can be achieved through the stimulation of the endogenous capacity of cardiomyocytes to proliferate and have identified a series of microRNAs that stimulate this process in both small and large animals (Eulalio 2012. Nature; Gabisonia 2019. Nature). Our work is based on high throughput screenings in vitro using whole genome RNAi libraries and in vivo with AAV libraries. Starting from March 2020, we have redeployed our expertise to elucidate the mechanisms that regulate SARS-CoV-2 infection. We have discovered a new mechanism that regulate coronavirus Spike protein function and is likely involved in COVID-19 pathogenesis in patients (Braga. 2021. Nature, in press).”