Amphibians, ants, bees, snakes and vultures. Five scientists explain why you should give their animal a bit more love!

This Imperial Lates event brings together five scientists desperate to tell you why their chosen animal deserves your affection. Experts representing amphibians, ants, bees, snakes and vultures will give a series of 5-minute lightning talks to explain how their animal is underappreciated… or at least slightly misunderstood.

The talks will be followed by an informal discussion where you will have the chance to put your questions to the experts. While you then vote for your new-found favourite animal, Dr Robin Lamboll will recite a poem that somehow manages to bring together all the animals under one lyrical umbrella!

So, will you carrion past the vulture, slither past the snake and be taken by the bees-knees?

Imperial Lates Online 

This event is part of Imperial Lates Online: Wildlife. Join us on 26-30 April to explore the wonders of the animal kingdom with scientists and conservationists working to understand and protect wildlife in the UK and around the world.

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