Nature sketch

Enter the British garden hedgerow and meet all the animals, insect and plant life who call it home during this wild drawing workshop led by artist Bryony Benge-Abbott and ecologist Minerva Singh.

Learn all about the pollinators, butterflies and bird species to be found in our gardens and capture their world with a live wild ‘draw-along’ of our fantasy hedge community.

During this hour-long online workshop you will not only acquire wild drawing skills for your summer wanders in nature, but also learn how we can create healthy habitats for our native garden wildlife and what good wildlife management and public appreciation of our natural world can achieve in fighting biodiversity loss. You will have the chance to put your questions to our two hosts:

  • Bryony Benge Abbott is an artist, curator and producer who explores the natural world and our relationship with it. Over the past year, Bryony has led ‘Wild drawing’ walks and online workshops designed to encourage new ways of thinking about nature connection and support a more sensory and emotional exploration of our local landscapes.
  • Minerva Singh is a forest ecologist and conservation researcher whose career assessing bird and insect habitat suitability has taken her around the tropics of south east Asia, from Malaysia and Laos, to Borneo, Cambodia and the Philippines. She believes sustainable wild habitat management to address biodiversity loss can only happen with public interest in the natural habitats on their doorstep, and is therefore passionate about encouraging us in the UK to reconnect with our threatened natural ecosystems

For this workshop you will need

  • paper
  • A pencil
  • A fine black pen
  • coloured pencils/crayons

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