Dr Xand van Tulleken

The Charmian Brinson Honarary Lecture is an annual, free lecture where CLCC welcomes an external speaker to discuss a relevant topic of their choice. This year doctor and science presenter Dr Alexander ‘Xand’ van Tulleken will discuss communication in crisis situations.

The event will be held online and will conclude with a Q&A session.

Camps, Cameras and Coronavirus: how not to communicate in a crisis

Communication isn’t just an important part of a crisis response: it is at the heart of sucess or failure. Persuasion, narrative, science and powerful images and stories have played an essential role in the pandemic response for everyone involved.

In this talk Dr van Tulleken will be using examples from his media work and his work as a doctor in humanitarian emergencies to examine the ways in which communication can be used to help crisis-affected populations, to prop up abusive governments and promote to self-serving media doctors.


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