Next Generation Sequencing

About the Webinar
Technical advents in NGS and new sensitive approaches for sequencing of clinical samples now enable to gain more insight from precious
samples. Takara Bio has been a pioneer in the NGS field by continuously developing new and improved technologies, from singlecell genomics and immunoprofiling to assay development on our single-cell genomics platform.
This 2-part webinar will cover Takara Bio’s latest technological developments for:
• High-resolution RNA-seq and DNA-seq to
capture biological complexity from clinically
relevant samples
• Immunoprofiling of T cells and B cells
We will then discuss our open platform ICELL8 system for single-cell (epi)genomics without limits:
• More samples: from nuclei to large and fragile cells
• More protocols: end-to-end kits, customer developed protocols or your own
• More insights: get the most out of every cell

Meet the speakers

Matthieu Pesant, PhD Senior Product Manager, NGS Takara Bio Europe
Daniel Liber, PhD EMEA Business Development Manager, Automation Takara Bio Europe

With the kind support of:
Dr. Nik Matthews – Head of Imperial BRC Genomics Facility
Dr. Laurence Game – Head of Genomics Facility – MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences

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