The 8th STUOD Sandbox meeting to be held remotely on Friday, 7th May 2021. The Sandboxes are special events, set in specially equipped audio-visual rooms, among Ifremer, Imperial, and Inria with all available tools to manipulate and test ideas.

The eighth meeting of the Sandbox Series is devoted to examining stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs). The Programme includes:

Session I

Chairman: Darryl Holm (ICL)

12.00-12.10 Talk by Erwin Luesink (ICL) on “Thermal ocean dynamics” 

12.10-12.20 Talk by Romeo Mensah (ICL) on “The Thermal Quasi-geostrophic (TQG) Equations” 

12.20-12.30 Talk by Wei Pan (ICL) on “SALT TQG calibration and initial ensemble generation

12.30-12.40 Talk by Etienne Memin (INRIA) on “Shallow water equations under location uncertainty” 

12.40-12.50 Talk by Oana Lang (ICL) on “Analytical properties for the LU-SRSW model

12.50-13.00 Talk by Dan Crisan (ICL) on “Well-posedness Properties for Stochastic Rotating Shallow Water Model”  

13.00-13.10 Discussion

13.10-13.20 Break

Session II

Chairman: Etienne Memin (INRIA)

13.20-13.50 Talk by Peter Korn (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology) on “Ocean & Climate Modelling

13.50-14.20 Discussion on the White Paper provided by Peter Korn (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology)

14.20-14.25 Wrap-up