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We are delighted to invite you to an online panel discussion to explore the impact of climate change on mental health and emotional wellbeing. Organised by the Institute of Global Health Innovation and the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London, the event will mark the launch of the Institutes’ briefing paper titled ‘The impact of climate change on mental health and emotional wellbeing: current evidence and implications for policy and practice’. The paper proposes a detailed set of recommendations to stimulate greater knowledge, awareness and action for all sectors including policy makers, research institutions and mental health practitioners.


Climate change and mental health are two of the most significant and pressing challenges facing societies across the world. While the climate crisis is increasingly recognised as a health emergency, the interplay between climate change, and mental health and emotional wellbeing, has been relatively neglected. Current evidence suggests that climate change has a significant and multi-faceted impact on mental health, with significant costs that are currently unaccounted for in policy and practice.

Decision makers stand to benefit from identifying potential common solutions, stemming from some of the common causes, to these two global challenges. It is vital that policymakers, health systems and communities recognise and respond to the threat that climate change poses to our mental health and health systems, and proactively support resilience at all levels.

Event details

To coincide with our report, we’re bringing together leading experts from across healthcare, policy, research and the NGO sector for an online panel discussion to raise awareness and drive action. We will discuss the latest evidence and the actions needed to address the mental health impacts of the climate crisis.

The event will be chaired by Dr Oliver Harrison, CEO of Koa Health, with the opportunity for attendees to have an open discussion with our speakers including:

  • Dr Emma Lawrance, Mental Health Innovations Fellow, Institute of Global Health Innovation
  • Dr Adrian James, President, The Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Dr Caroline Hickman, climate-informed psychotherapist and eco-anxiety researcher, Climate Psychology Alliance and University of Bath
  • Zamzam Ibrahim, former president of the National Union of Students and Board Member of Students Organising for Sustainability
  • Anna McMorrin MP, Labour MP for Cardiff North & Shadow Minister for International Development

This event is primarily aimed at a UK audience. On 2 June we will be running a similar event with an international focus.

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About the organisers

Climate Cares is a collaboration between the Institute of Global Health Innovation and the Grantham Institute – two of Imperial College London’s seven Global Institutes established to promote inter-disciplinary working and to meet some of the greatest challenges faced by society.

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