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Please join us for a special series of conversations to showcase our inspirational luminaries’ careers and to share lessons learned with the next generation of future stars. Imperial has amazing women who are leaders in their fields and provide inspiration to many inside and outside the College. When they talk about their research, teaching, and societal engagement, they inspire and motivate others.

Hosted by Professor Alice P. Gast, our next conversation will be with Professor Wendy Barclay, Chair in Influenza Virology and Head of the Department of Infectious Disease, and Dr Vanessa Sancho-Shimizu, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, Department of Infectious Disease.

Professor Wendy Barclay

Professor Wendy Barclay is a Chair in Influenza Virology and Head of the Department of Infectious Disease. Wendy’s expertise is in the field of respiratory viruses, in particular influenza virus and the mechanisms by which viruses can cross from animal sources into humans to cause new pandemics.

Her leading role in virology has resulted in her expertise being widely sought on advisory boards, for example, she offers advice about respiratory virus outbreaks and also works with the Science Media Centre, whose aim is to improve the relationship between scientists and the media.

Dr Vanessa Sancho-Shimizu

Dr Vanessa Sancho-Shimizu is a UKRI Future Leader’s Fellow and Lecturer in the Department of Infectious Disease. Her work focuses on identifying inborn errors of immunity in rare childhood infections specifically: discovery of genes underlying childhood herpes simplex encephalitis, COVID-19 and MIS-C, and invasive meningococcal disease.

Vanessa came to the College in 2012 as a Marie Curie research fellow and has since started her own group in 2014 within the sections of Virology and Paediatric Infectious Diseases.

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