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Speaker Biography

Dr Jens Jensen is a researcher in STFC’s scientific computing department (SCD). His research interests include large scale data science, bringing data science to the edge, data security, and enabling multi-disciplinary global data processing.  With a wide background in mathematics, computing, statistics, and research software engineering, he has worked on data projects from petascale to IoT and currently works with SCD’s machine learning group and the European EOSC projects.


Talk Abstract

The aim of this talk is to look at data science as applied to science, compared to data science as done by everyone else: what are the special challenges facing scientific data science in academia, and how can/do we address them?  Are the challenges – and solutions – different for small scale multidisciplinary science projects compared to the largest scientific instruments that have decades of active life?  How can we share best practices with each other?

This talk aims to cover these questions in the full breadth (time permitting) of the topic, but will also look at some topics in detail. The author has worked with data projects from small scale IoT 
microcontroller-based prototypes to the Large Hadron Collider, so (again time permitting) we will look at these, as well as data security. The talk presumes some knowledge about data science, but should be accessible to a general audience.


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