Paul Westcombe

Paul WestCombeA mixed media installation, including a musical performance of Vexations by Erik Satie, a commissioned animation by Paul Westcombe and artworks by: Thomas Hylander, Sarah Gillham, Mindy Lee, Kate Street, and the current Blyth Art Fellows Rosalind Crosbie and Andrea Perez Navarro

Satie’s Vexations is just four lines of piano music repeated 840 times and is seen by many as the first piece of conceptual art. Alongside 28  pianists, playing in relay over fourteen hours across two grand pianos, we have commissioned artist Paul Westcombe to create a 1-minute
looped animation in response to Vexations and its themes. 840 limited edition prints will be on display and freely available to passers-by, created by the Blyth’s visiting artists and Fellows. Why not also join our popular Art Class Drawing with Colour where you will have the opportunity to explore drawing using three colours and three different ways of mark making. However long you stay, this unique event should resonate with everybody’s immersion mentality following the COVID-19 pandemic. Who knows, it may even fill the vacuum left by the recent shutdown of the performing arts.


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