Elena Strbac

Event overview

The speakers will introduce the project, currently in progress, to build the UK’s first quantum computer to be commercially available. The project backed by the UK’s goverment, titled “Quantum Computing Platform for NISQ Era Commercial Applications”, is being led by Rigetti, in partnership with Oxford Instruments, Standard Chartered, Phasecraft, a Bristol and London-based quantum software start-up, as well as the University of Edinburgh. In the second half of the talk, the speakers will present quantum generative and discriminative models applied to financial use cases, part of the project’s quantum machine learning in finance work stream.

Short Biographies

Elena Strbac is an Executive Director at Standard Chartered Bank, and focuses on developing innovative data science methodologies for finance use cases. Her initiatives include Quantum Computing for Financial Markets, and contributing to the consortium that is building the first Quantum Computer on UK soil. Elena studied Mathematics at Imperial College, and has worked in Data Science for the last 10 years.

Marco Paini is the Technology Partnerships Director, Europe at Rigetti. Marco is currently managing Innovate UK’s “Quantum Computing Platform for NISQ Era Commercial Applications” project and previously led QxBranch’s quantum computing applications portfolio development. Prior to QxBranch, Marco spent more than eighteen years with Accenture. Marco studied physics at the University of Pavia.