A dürüm döner (DD) is a magnificent culinary invention, without which any visit to Turkey would never be complete. Its excellent combination of bread and meat, with the occasional mix of tomato, onions and mayonnaise, is readily available to complement any walk around the sokaks and plazas of any Turkish city and town. The experience is inherently addictive, and Dr. V is no stranger to it. Contemplating a sabbatical in Turkey comes with an increased hazard of ample DD availability, and heightened risk of high calorie intake. When a powerful stakeholder (Mrs. V) steps in to question this sabbatical plan, how is Dr. V to show that he will be able to conduct research while safeguarding his enviable cuddly figure? Three nearby vendors of excellent but highly variable DDs, one exposed yet enterprising researcher, and one tough uncompromising stakeholder come together in a nail-biting risk assessment drama to play out in view of the Bosporus.



Dimitrios Vamvatsikos arrived by way of Greece, California, Cyprus and Greece again. His life is of great food, tasteful drinks, good friends, far travels and colorful commentaries. His work is of earthquakes, winds, weather, probability, and risk, presently confined to Earth but hopefully going to outer space. He enjoys writing software, codes, Eurocodes, FEMA standards, research papers, and whimsical paragraphs. Feel free to ask him questions about Life, the Universe, and Everything, but be prepared to receive answers way longer than 42 words.


Open to all. Attendees external to Imperial need to register. 

Time: 14:00 for a 14:05 seminar start.