Professor Christian Speck

Joint Oncology/IRDB Imperial Seminar Series, Thursday 14.10.21 @ 13.30, hosted by Professor Laki Buluwela.

We are delighted to have Professor Christian Speck, Professor of Genome Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at the Institute for Clinical Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London, talking about his research interests.

Christian obtained his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the Free University of Berlin and performed postdoctoral work with Bruce Stillman, President of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. His laboratory investigates mechanisms in the initiation of DNA replication and investigates the function of replication factors in hetero-chromatin formation. The group employs biochemical, genomic, chemical / synthetic-biology and cryo-EM approaches to address fundamental biological questions with medical relevance. Knowledge gained from these studies is used to develop novel DNA replication inhibitors with potential as anti-cancer therapeutics.