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Join us to explore the value of slowness with neurodivergent performance maker and educator, Dr Jodie Allinson, particularly in relation to neurodiversity and creating inclusive learning spaces.  

In this session, Jodie will use autobiographical storytelling to explore values that can be placed on ‘slowness’ and ‘quickness’ in relation to processing and communication.  In collaborative theatre-making practices the ability to be ‘quick’ can be implicitly highly valued.  This session reflects on the metaphors of quick and slow in in relation to performance-making, drawing from a range of sources and centring on Jodie’s  experience as both a neurodivergent performance maker and an educator who works specifically with students who identify as dyslexic.  We will use this as a starting point for discussion around accessibility and how to create learning and performance spaces that value slowness. 

About Dr Jodie Allinson

Dr Jodie Allinson is a Lecturer in Drama at the University of South Wales, where she teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in 20th and 21st century performance.  Her research interests are the nature and process of artistic collaboration, theatre and landscape, neurodiversity and accessibility in performance, and performance pedagogy. 

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By meeting others and talking about experiences, we can explore the shared challenges we face and how we can work together to make change. There is never pressure to participate, rather there is space to share different perspectives and experiences if you would like to.

The Neurodiversity in Albertopolis Network supports staff and students across our partners to connect and make positive change. Everyone is welcome, especially staff, students and allies. Come along to explore different perspectives. 

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