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Anna Nyburg will deliver this seminar on Engineer Refugees from Nazism in Britain and their innovations.

Among the some 80,000 refugees from Nazism who made their way to safety in Britain were, inevitably, engineers. But engineering was done differently in Germany where there was, and still is, a certain kudos to being addressed as ‘Herr Diplom Ingenieur’. However, the International organisations that they belonged to helped them integrate into work and life more easily than other professional groups of refugees. So they were able to make a real contribution to the war effort with their inventions, just one example the new bonded material supplied by Metalistik that prevented vibrations in planes and trains. And they were forward thinking, bringing much more innovation to British life post-war.

This CLCC Research Seminar will be given by Dr Anna Nyburg and delivered at the CLCC (in-person) and online simultaneously. Two ticket types are available: online (unlimited) and face-to-face (limited). Please register using the eventbrite link (below) and select whether participating online or in-person to confirm your place.

NB. Should COVID-19 restrictions mean that face-to-face delivery of the seminar is not possible, the event will go ahead online only.

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