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Tao Cheng (PhD, FICE, CEng) is a Professor in GeoInformatics, Fellow of Turing Institute, the Founder and Director of SpaceTimeLab for Big Data Analytics (www.ucl.ac.uk/spacetimelab) at University College London, a multi-disciplinary research centre that aims to gain actionable insights and foresights from geo-located and time-stamped data for government, business and society. Her research interests span AI and Big Data, network complexity, urban analytics (modelling, prediction, clustering, visualisation and simulation) with applications in transport and mobility, safety and security, business intelligence, and natural hazards prevention. She has secured more than £20M research grants in the UK and EU, working with government and industrial partners in the UK including Transport for London, the London Metropolitan Police Service, Public Health England and Arup. She has published over 250 research articles and received numerous international best paper awards.


Talk Abstract


Tao Cheng, Yunzhe Liu, Tongxin Chen

This talk will report a retrospective study of people’s mobility behaviours in response to the UK government policies on Covid-19 Pandemic in the past year. This is based upon individuals’ GPS tracker and their sociodemographic profiles, collected from VirusWatch research project, the largest and most comprehensive household community cohort study of COVID-19 in England and Wales. We utilise several indicators, such as outdoor travel distance, travel radius from home, indoor/outdoor staying time, trip purposes and travel modes, to measure people’s travel behaviour changes during different restrictive periods and pre- and post-vaccination.


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