Professor Katherine Vallis

Joint Oncology/IRDB Imperial Seminar Series, Thursday 09.12.21 @ 13.30, hosted by Professor Eric Aboagye.

We are delighted to have Professor Katherine Vallis heads the Experimental Radiotherapeutics Group at the Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, Oxford University, and is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Katherine undertook specialist training in Clinical Oncology at the Hammersmith Hospital and doctoral research at Edinburgh University. She was then appointed as Staff Radiation Oncologist at the Princess Margaret Hospital and Scientist at the Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto. She returned to the UK in 2006 to join the Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology.

Her research focuses on the development of radiopharmaceuticals to detect, image and treat cancer. The aims are to improve drug design and delivery, and to understand the biodistribution, dosimetry and radiobiological effects of new and approved agents.