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What is the event about?

Business Strategy for Beginners – You know about some of the things you need to do to get a venture off the ground, but it doesn’t seem to join together and you’re not sure where to start. There are so many elements to think about and you’re not sure Does that sound familiar?

Jason Mellad is CEO and Co-founder of Start Codon and has expertise in early stage start-ups, innovation management and patent law. Come and join Jason for a session on the best practices for building a successful business strategy, how to build a business around a concept or technology, and how to identify customer problems.

What is the Venture Science Series:

Join the PFDC and Imperial Enterprise Lab for a series of interactive workshops and talks that will broaden your skillset and give you exposure to the industry. The series will introduce early career researchers (postdocs and PhDs) to the building blocks of developing an idea or technology for commercial environments, covering ideation, testing an idea, business strategy, building a team, and more*. During this series, you will also develop transferable skills to manage your entrepreneurial journey and succeed.

*Please note IP knowledge, strategy and development will not be covered by the series as this is covered in the course How Intellectual Property Rights Can Impact Your Research. You can also watch the Imperial IP strategy video here and a talk about IP and IP law here.

Postdocs or PhDs who attend the series as a whole course and will be given a certificate at the end, however you are invited to attend only the sessions you feel more appropriate for you. If you are considering participating in Techcelerate or MedTech SuperConnector we strongly encourage you to register for a few of the sessions.

You do not need to have a business idea or technology to commercialise to attend these sessions. They are purely based on developing skills and knowledge. 

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