Optical Genome Mapping- Imperial College London
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High-throughput Optical Genome Mapping of Structural Variation’s in Genetic Disease, Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology

Despite decades of progress, the promise of personalized genomic medicine remains largely elusive because no single genetic technology can
comprehensively detect all the rearrangements in the genome, quickly, reliably and affordably.
Bionano Genomics platform for optical genome mapping offers an extremely long-read technology, providing unmatched sensitivity to detect large structural variations, quickly and at a low cost.

Our completely de novo maps can resolve complex repetitive regions, identify Copy Number Variations and elucidate genome-wide structural variation like no other. We see balanced and unbalanced translocations, inversions and duplications with much higher sensitivity and precision than sequencing-based methods.
In heterogeneous samples, Bionano’s extremely high coverage depth allows for the detection of any type of structural variant with more than 90% sensitivity, present in as little as 1% allele fraction, with up to 1600x coverage possible in mere days.

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