Imperial Lates: Sci-fi

Where does science end and science fiction start? Imperial Lates returns to South Kensington as Imperial’s scientists explore the scientific basis of our spacefaring, technological enhanced futures through talks, artistic workshop and live demos. 

Where does science end and science fiction start? Join us at Imperial Lates as Imperial’s scientists explore the scientific basis of our spacefaring, technological enhanced futures through talks, artistic workshop and live demos.  

Design a future spacesuit before exploring the physics of light sabres, the engineering challenges of the Matrix, or the morality of human cyborgs made of bionic limbs and computer augmented brains. 

This Lates evening will put the Sci in Sci-fi. Hear from scientists, science fiction writers and sci-fi fans discussing where the movies get the science wrong, how science fiction inspired modern day research and what science of today might inspire the visionary books, films and comic of tomorrow. 

Register for Imperial Lates: Sci-fi to join us in South Kensington on 28 April and we’ll send you the full programme of events at the Lates closer to the day. Plus, you will get links to our online preview events earlier in the week.

Imperial Lates are most suitable for over 18s.

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