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Science on the mind? At this Imperial Lates we journey into the brain with an evening of thoughtful, head-bending science. 

From psychedelic medicine and mind-controlled technology, to the brain chemistry of addiction and the impact of our online lives on our mental health, this is your chance to get to know your grey matter. Design your own brain-deceiving optical illusions, make neuron-inspired string art, and put your questions to our brainy experts. 

Highlights of Imperial Lates: The Brain include:

  • Gambling disorder: As Imperial begins a brain imaging study of gambling addicts, an expert panel will discuss the neurological and external causes of this growing, yet hidden illness 

  • Brain illusion workshop: Create your own optical illusion artwork and explore what these mind tricks tell us about how the brain works 

  • Understanding neurodiversity: Neurodiverse leaders from business and academics tell their stories and tackle the normalisation and celebration of brain differences 

  • Neuron string art station: Make neuron string art with Imperial scientists investigating loss of brain connectivity from neuron death as a source and treatment target for dementia 

  • Day in the life of talks with a psychedelic medicine scientist and a sleep and body clock scientist   

  • Online connections and our mental health: Discuss the value of web connections and internet friendships with researchers exploring how virtual support networks impact young people’s mental health. 

Download the full programme for Imperial Lates: The Brain (pdf)

Imperial Lates

This event is part of Imperial Lates: The Brain, with more online events happening during the week.

Register for Imperial Lates: The Brain to join us on Wednesday 23 March in South Kensington and we will share the full programme for the evening with you ahead of the event.

Imperial Lates are most suitable for over 18s.

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