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Briefing Paper Launch:

Balancing Privacy and Access to Smart Meter Data

Digitalising the energy system is expected to be a vital component of achieving the UK’s climate change targets. Smart meter data, in particular, is seen a key enabler of the transition to more dynamic, cost-effective, cost-reflective, and decarbonised electricity. However, access to this data faces a challenge due to consumer privacy concerns. This Briefing Paper investigates four key elements of smart meter data privacy: existing data protection regulations; the personal information embedded within smart meter data; consumer privacy concerns; and privacy-preserving techniques that could be incorporated alongside existing mechanisms to minimise or eliminate potential privacy infringements.


  • Dr Fei Teng, Director of Education, Energy Futures Lab, Imperial College London
  • Saurab Chhachhi, Research Postgraduate, Imperial College London
  • Colin Griffiths, Policy Manager – Smart Metering, Smart Homes & Digital, Citizens Advice
  • Maxine Frerk, Associate, Sustainability First
  • Chaired by: Professor Peter Childs, Co-Director, Energy Futures Lab

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