Heard of Iron age, Bronze age or even Silicon age?
What’s common to these revolutionary periods are the materials. When you are on a plane flying to your new destination, have you given thought to what’s keeping you safe at thousands of feet above the earth? A lightweight thermally insulating material.
When you play a sport, whether its cycling, swimming, tennis, golf, rugby, football or even pole vault, do you know what enhances the performance of the players? A highly engineered material!
Your smartphone with its touch-screen, whether its bendable or not is only possible due to advances in materials technology.
If you have an interest in mathematics and other science subjects, have you considered studying Materials Science and Engineering? A career in Materials lets you apply your scientific knowledge to innovate and enhance and develop new materials that benefit society – smart materials, nanomaterials, electronic materials, biomaterials, and many more. If you can also spare 2 mins, come watch ‘Discover Materials’ – YouTube:
If you’ve found all these interesting, come to join our Taster Lecture on this subject to hear more! You will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the Undergraduate Admissions Tutor at Imperial – the only STEM-focused university in the UK


Suitable for UK, EU and international students who are interested in learning more about Materials Science and Engineering.

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