We are delighted to be able to inform you of the November MTWC for Fibrosing Lung Disease lecture series seminar talk, which will be held on Thursday 10th November.  To this session we will be welcoming at Imperial our speaker Professor Sarah Walmsley, The University of Edinburgh

Talk details as follows:-

Talk Title: Oxygen and Nutrient dependent reprogramming of neutrophilic inflammation

Date: Thursday 10th November 2022

Talk Time: 16:00 – 17:00 UK time

Location: Paul Wood Lecture Theatre, Guy Scadding Building, Brompton Campus, Cale Street, London, SW3 6LY Or Online via Microsoft Teams

Registration is required whether to attending in person or online.

Further info – Sarah Walmsley


I am a Wellcome Senior Clinical Fellow and Professor of Respiratory Medicine, University of Edinburgh, Honorary Consultant Physician, NHS Lothian and Co-Director of the Edinburgh Clinical Academic Training Scheme.  I undertook my medical training at the University of Edinburgh graduating in 1997, and an MRC training fellowship at the University of Cambridge with award of my PhD in 2004.  My specialist training in Respiratory Medicine was in Sheffield, where I also held a Wellcome Intermediate Fellowship. During this time, I had two periods of maternity leave.  I am currently based in the Centre for Inflammation Research in Edinburgh.  My work is focused on understanding how local oxygen and nutrient availability in the inflamed environment can reprogram neutrophil behaviour in both acute and chronic inflammatory lung disease states.

Questions will be taken from those attending in person but if you would like to send a question through before the event please do send to

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