Front Cover of 'On the Production of Pot-Still Whisky'

This research seminar aims to present the transdisciplinary approach used to multimodal and plurisemiotic interaction data across different mediums (videoconferencing platform, Kubi and Awabot remote presence bots).

The research falls within several theoretical fields: ethology, visual ethnography, sociology, emotion, and user experience. This transdisciplinary approach aims to show how multiple concepts can be interconnected while being able to comprehensively embrace the complexity of a problem studied.

Led by Dr Tatiana Codreanu, this research seminar will highlight how the use of different platforms of communication, based on the information available at a given moment, affects the possibilities of presence and the cooperation between a group of researchers and PhD students. This contribution presents the theoretical and methodological foundations that underlie a collection of studies and corpus of audio-visual data and justify the interest in this field of research leading to the emergence of a visual reflexive ethology.

This CLCC Research Seminar will be delivered both in-person and online. Please register using the eventbrite link (below) to confirm your place either watching online or attending at the Centre.

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