Professor Roberto Trotta

The Charmian Brinson Honorary Lecture is an annual, free lecture where CLCC welcomes an external speaker to discuss a relevant topic of their choice. This year astrostatistician, author and science communicator Professor Roberto Trotta will use the lecture to discuss the role of humanities in an AI-dominated world.

The Need for Humanities in an AI-Dominated Future

From unveiling the properties of dark matter to finding a cure for cancer, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is mooted by some as a panacea that will solve all of humanity’s problems. From stealing people’s jobs to becoming a lethal super intelligence, AI is considered by others an existential threat to the planet. This lecture will look at how the use of AI is spreading to most aspects of society, and to the opportunities and dangers that this rapid, mostly invisible revolution is bringing. I will make the case that the most important tool in ensuring that AI works for the benefit of all is not found in a computer lab, but in the liminal space between science and humanities. The immense power of AI-enabled technology can only be steered to a good outcome if we put the human (and the humanities) back at the centre.

The event will be held in-person (only) and will conclude with a Q&A session. The event will not be recorded.

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