Paediatric infection

15 April – 17 May 2024 (Online)
Live online sessions: 17, 24 April & 1, 8, 15 May 2024

This short course synthesises core scientific knowledge with practical clinical scenarios to encourage a deeper understanding of infectious diseases in neonates and children, and to help you to develop your own framework to address any clinical infection problem. The course will encompass the common and important pathogens causing infections in children, the host and pathogen factors which contribute to severity and spread of infection, and the ways in which medical interventions, health systems and societal factors can influence the outcomes of infections.

This fully online course is run over 5 consecutive weeks and you are expected to conduct ~ 7 – 10 hours per week of guided and self-directed asynchronous learning, which also incorporates group work online. There are also planned synchronous sessions during the course to discuss ideas, present group and individual work and to facilitate further learning.

The course consists of several synchronous sessions on a video-conferencing platform, where you will experience active learning, as well as weekly online tasks and related activities for you to complete individually or in small groups. These learning tasks will cover the cutting edge of issues in paediatric infectious disease. This is supported by case-based learning and practical guidance.

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