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Imperial College London is delighted to be joining forces with composer Amanda Lee Falkenberg and a stellar cast of Imperial researchers, NASA scientists and our very own astronaut Helen Sharman, to launch the LUNAR Discovery mission, an experimental educational programme accompanying the Moons Symphony album. 

Our outreach event on Friday 2nd December will be for students at Key Stage 3 and will involve a journey through innovative lunar zones, which will showcase the science and music relating to the specific features of a number of moons in our Solar System. There will be an exciting finale in the Great Hall with special guests including the composer of ‘The Moons Symphony’, Amanda Lee Falkenberg, astronaut Helen Sharman, and other space experts. 

This is an experimental format aiming to bring science and orchestral music to a new generation of space explorers, future scientists and engineers.  We will, therefore, aim to engage with the pupils (and their teachers) before, during and after their journey to evaluate its impact and consider what resources might be useful to encourage further engagement. 

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