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This event will be held in person at COP27 in Egypt. The time of this event is 03:00 PM EET (GMT+ 2) local time in Sharm ElSheikh. (This is 01:00 PM in the UK).

In-person attendance at COP27 Sharm el-Sheikh: Blue Zone, Hatshepsut Room; or online via live YouTube webcast – link coming soon.

This event will explore what early warning, anticipatory actions and effective communication for resilience and adaptation looks like in Eastern Africa, and how decision-makers at various levels, including communities, can be engaged in the production of climate services and disaster risk management.

It will showcase the importance of developing early warning systems; enable audiences to think critically about how to co-produce robust warnings and anticipatory actions that respond to people’s needs; seek to overcome barriers to effective communication; and explore what that looks like in practice and on the ground for affected communities. 

Questions the event will explore:

  • What co-production approaches are being taken to design decision-relevant, actionable early warning systems in Eastern Africa? 
  • What actions are being taken based on those warnings and how do they build resilience?
  • What are the best communication strategies for communicating early warnings? 
  • How can early warning systems help to build resilience? 
  • What sustainable co-production actions are being taken to develop long-term projects?



  • Dr. Philip Omondi, Project Manager, ICPAC
  • Dr. Ahmed Amdihun, Programme Coordinator, IGAD Disaster Risk Management programme, ICPAC
  • Dr Caroline Wainwright, Research Fellow, Grantham Institute at Imperial College London
  • Ms Benedicte Giæver, Executive Director of NORCAP
  • Dr Richard Jones, Science Fellow, Met Office UK
  • Joyce Kimutai, Climate Scientist, Kenya Meteorological Department, Kenya
  • David Njuguna, Senior Broadcast Mentor, BBC Media Action Kenya


More event details will be added soon.

Poster Attribution: “The Long Road” by Duda Arraes is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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